Dario Western

Dario Western (born 27 December 1970), is a nudist activist based in Brisbane, Australia.

He first became aware of nudism in January 1979 when he saw a documentary on BBC TV called "Let's Go Naked", about the growing nudist scene in the UK, Europe and America, but it wasn't until 1990 that he got into nudism himself when he started attending a nudist swim club called Sunrays which held monthly meetups at a swimming pool in The Gap. Later that year, his first article about nudism appeared in Australian Sun & Health Magazine.

Several other articles followed including reviews of the Nude Moments Part 1 & 2 series that aired in 1996 and 1997, as well as how to photograph the nude.

With the advent of the internet, he joined the premier Australian mailing list Ausnude which was run by Greg Stroot from 1996 - 2000 before being handed over to the late Grant Parnell in 2000. After Grant passed away in 2010, Dario took over the list and moved it to Google Groups. In early 2000, he also formed a young adults community on Ninemsn called "NAVEL" (Naturists Advocating Vegetarian and Ecological Lifestyles) which lasted 3 years.

He has also given several media interviews about nudism such as being on Channel 10 to legalise Colmslie Beach in inner-city Brisbane for nude recreation, being on the front cover of the Northern News in December 2004 over combining his Christian faith with nudism, appearing twice on Richard Fidler's show "The Conversation Hour" in May 2005 with Dr. Les Rootsey (former editor of TAN Magazine) and again in April 2010 with James and Jan Bishop who own Pacific Sun Friends in Donnybrook.

In 2007 he organized the first World Naked Bike Ride in Brisbane at the former ABC Radio studios, and again in 2008 at Wynnum Esplanade, 2009 at the Boondall Wetlands, and 2013 at QUT Gardens Point. Later that year, he appeared in a video by Brisbane grunge rock band Violent Soho riding a bike around Brisbane in their filmclip "In The Aisle" which reached No.1 in the listeners charts on community radio station 4ZZZ. The album it was taken from "Hungry Ghost" peaked at No.6 in the national charts and No.2 in the Australian artists albums chart.

Dario is also a musician who plays guitar, keyboards, trombone and violin. He is working on a co-ed band to endorse nudism called Laissez-Fayre, the target market being the under 40's audience demographic. This band first started in 2001 with several lineup changes.

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