Skinbook's excellent moderators

The only thing wrong with social networking site "Skinbook" is just it's affilliation with Ning.When they handed admins duties to members,they took the website to a new level allowing self-moderation. That is not to say that the moderators are invisible. Most members do agree that Skinbook's moderators are much more active and participative than many other nudist web sites. Skinbook is now gold standard of nudist social networking with nearly 9,000 members and growing quickly. Skinbook remains free at the point of use and has a strong international following. A number of new ethical commercial naturist advertisers have lent their name to Skinbook showing the way this site has developed. The site is very vigilant towards errant behaviour that falls outside the spirit of naturism. In that way Skinbook differentiates from most nudist web sites; some of which verge on the point of just porn sites.As a result Skinbook's ethics and rules do not sit comfortably with some people-who overlook the fact that there are plenty of sites on the web catering for their tastes.Skinbook insists upon facial profile photos and a spirit of honesty amongst members. Trouble makers are quickly dealt with which was a direct request of many of the sites female members.

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